Crime Stoppers in York Region

The York Region Crime Stoppers Program began March 1st, 1986. It was an amalgamation of Toronto, Peel, Durham, and York Region, and was known as Toronto and Regional Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers of York Region officially separated in July of 2001 and has continued to strengthen. Ours, like other programs, is not a police program, although it is enthusiastically supported by Police Services across Ontario. It is a public program that is run by a Board of Directors. That is ordinary concerned citizens who live in York Region and volunteer their time.

The Boards’ responsibility is to promote the program through public awareness and understanding. This provides the basis for raising funds through donations and encouraging attendance at fund raising events like the yearly York Regional Crime Stoppers Annual “Wayne Snooks” Golf Tournament. The board is also responsible for developing policies and approving rewards to callers. The York Board is comprised of 15 Directors and Advisory Board Members. The Board works closely with the York Regional Police through a police coordinator who is appointed by the Chief of Police. This person acts as a bridge between York Regional Police, Crime Stoppers Board of Directors and the News Media. Other duties include working directly with Investigative Units of the York Regional Police.

Crime Stoppers profiles crimes by using the News Media and social media as a vehicle to get the message out to the public. Crime Stoppers articles appears in newspapers, on radio, cable television, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. The purpose is to “blitz” the public with this information. The media donate their time, space and professional help. Without this media support it would be very difficult to distribute information about crime.

When a “Tipster” calls our 24 hour toll free line, 1(800)222-TIPS the type of information that we are concerned about has to do with serious crime, assaults, homicides and missing persons, robberies, break and enters, arson, theft, damage to property, and drugs. Most times, this is our one and only chance to get as much information from the “tipster” as possible and each caller is treated with respect and ensured anonymity. This information is then passed on to the police investigators. Each caller is given a personal code number that only they know. They are asked to call back in a few weeks, allowing an opportunity for an investigation, identifying themselves by the special code number. When an arrest is made, the caller is eligible for a cash reward of up to $2000.00. The Board of Directors meets each month to discuss, among other things, the arrests from the previous month. After viewing the facts pertaining to the arrest, the Board decides on the amount of the reward. The size of the reward will vary depending on the severity of the crime, number of persons arrested, and accuracy of the information and how much further investigation was required. It is the caller’s responsibility to contact the Crime Stoppers office after the board meeting to find out how much their reward is and obtain instructions on how to pick up their money through any TD/Canada Trust location.