Not To Kids


Not to kidsCrime Stoppers of York Region and York Region's Health Department "Not to Kids" Program is a partnership to reduce youth access to tobacco, by investigating anonymous information received through Crime Stoppers.


Crime Stoppers of York Region is a private entity and registered charity administered by a volunteer civilian Board of Directors. Crime Stoppers solicits anonymous information from the public to solve crime.

Crime Stoppers is a success because it overcomes the public's two main reasons for not reporting crime to the police; apathy and fear of reprisal. Lack of apathy is overcome by offering modest rewards for information leading to arrests/charges. Fear of reprisal is dealt with by going to great lengths to preserve the caller's anonymity. The assurance of anonymity is widely publicized, so potential callers will be encouraged to call in with their information.

Legally, Crime Stoppers can guarantee anonymity to its callers because of the ancient rule of evidence which says that police do not have to reveal information that may identify an informant, which may jeopardize the safety of that informant. This application of police informant privilege according to the Supreme Court of Canada is also applied to Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers of York Region strives to maintain this privilege.

For the purposes of this protocol, if the tip information leads to a charge under the Tobacco Control Act, the tipster may receive a cash reward. The amount of the reward is determined and paid by the Crime Stoppers Board. Funding for the program is acquired through charitable donations and fundraising events.

All information received by Crime Stoppers regarding the Tobacco Control Act will be treated by enforcement officers with strict assurance of anonymity to safeguard the integrity of the program.